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Person County Success Initiative



The Success Initiative is a collaborative community effort to help elevate people out of poverty and prevent homelessness. It is designed to build lasting relationships across socioeconomic and cultural lines, encouraging all Roxboro and Person County residents to realize their full potential without prejudice or class distinction.


The mission of the program is to help provide the short and long term supports that enable families to move themselves into financial sustainability, and to help provide long-term solutions to the problem of poverty. The concepts are based on the research of Ruby Payne, notable author and educator. The program works in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Wheels for Hope, and participating property owners across the county.


Individuals and families will participate in a twelve week training program providing instruction on budgeting & finances, employment, overcoming barriers, partnering with mentors, SMART goals, available resources, and educational opportunities. After completing the program, participants are matched with Mentors (community volunteers) for approximately 13 months. By bringing together resources and building social capital, families can transition out of poverty as they learn more about available community resources and how to manage their households more effectively .

Become A Volunteer


  • Provide a meal for the weekly training program.

  • Be a guest speaker with focus areas on financial literacy, counseling, job skills, and etc.

  • Assist with childcare and youth program at weekly meetings.

  • Become a mentor for a family in the program.

  • Be an advocate for the program and its participants.

(when the next class is scheduled, it will likely consist of virtual meetings via Zoom if COVID restrictions are still in place.)



Anyone can sign up for the program regardless of age, sex, race, family size, religion, etc. The one criteria that we do require is that you are able to work or have supplemental income if you are on disability. A meal and childcare are provided at meetings.


To sign up for the next training program, please stop by the CHC or call the SI Coordinator at 336-599-6071.

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